Chaney & Norman Architects

Wanaka based Chaney & Norman Architects are proud to create enduring homes that their clients love to live in; homes that enhance their clients well-being, health and comfort.


With increasing awareness of the environmental impacts of building, along with rising construction and energy costs, there is a shifting trend towards building homes that are smaller & smarter. Chaney & Norman promote this thinking, and work closely with their clients to create homes that are functional, well designed, and highly energy efficient.


Central Otago and the Queenstown Lakes Districts have challenging climates, with high outdoor temperatures in summer and very low outdoor temperatures in winter. To create a home that is comfortable throughout the year, a number of design considerations need to be carefully considered. While the architectural response to each project is different, all high performing homes have common themes including:

  • careful consideration of layout, home orientation and glazing

  • a high quality continuous thermal envelope (including high levels of insulation in the walls and roof, a fully insulated slab and thermally broken windows),

  • a vapour control layer to the inside of the insulation,

  • airtight construction,

  • a good moisture management and ventilation system.


Homes constructed in this way have reduced heating and cooling requirements, which significantly decrease energy consumption. This provides economic benefits to homeowners with decreased power bills, and importantly also has a wider ecological benefit. The built environment currently contributes to 20% of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions, so building smarter plays a critical role in minimising the impact on our environment.


Chaney & Norman Architects are members of the New Zealand Green Building Council, and are currently undertaking training to be an Assessor for the NZGBC Homestar rating scheme. Homestar is a comprehensive, independent rating tool that measures the health, warmth and efficiency of New Zealand homes. Most new homes built to the current Building Code will only achieve half the score of the minimum Homestar 6 rating. A more considered design approach allows a much higher rating home to be achieved. With discounted mortgage rates available for lending on a home that achieves Homestar 6 or over, there are significant financial incentives to building a healthier, warmer and more energy efficient home.


Chaney & Norman Architects add significant value for their clients, drawing on their combined local experience and technical expertise to help their clients create a comfortable, durable, energy efficient home that maximises the potential of their site and budget.