Owners enjoy ease of use, lasting heat

Otago Pellet Fires

There are many benefits of owning a pellet fire, as Kiwi fire owners have discovered.

The ease of using the fires has increased even more thanks to Rika’s smartphone app.

When interviewed, New Zealanders said they were thrilled with their pellet fires, especially how quiet they were, the ease of loading the pellets into the fire and the long-lasting heat.

One client said she could turn her fire off at 9pm and the house would stay warm for the rest of the evening.

‘‘It’s quiet and so simple to use,’’ she said of her heating source.

That simplicity is one of the standout features of a pellet fire, as customers can just load the bags of pellets into the fire without having to worry about the weather or strain of chopping wood.

The smartphone app has made the fires even easier to use.

Customers can control their fire from wherever they are, using ‘‘Rika firenet’’, which is available on any PC and mobile device with internet access — just log in or make an account.

The app allows pellet fire owners to turn their fires on and off remotely, meaning that users can arrive home to a warm house.

Otago Pellet Fires is one of the premier pellet fire stockists and can advise you on the best type of fire to suit your home.

Visit the team at Otago Pellet Fires at 550 Kaikorai Valley Rd or call (03) 488-1133.

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