Free B4 School Check for a healthy start

Southern DHB is encouraging parents to take advantage of the free B4 School Check available to all four year old children.

The free B4 School Check ensures four-year old children are healthy and ready for school, and includes three different assessments:

Vision and Hearing Screen

This is normally done at a child’s preschool by a visiting Vision and Hearing Technician. Parents’ or caregivers’ consent will be obtained prior to this.

Health Check

This is done by a B4 School Check trained Registered Nurse and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. It includes a questionnaire on the child’s general health, measurement of the child’s height and weight, immunisation history and a teeth and gum review.

Early Childhood Centre

A child’s preschool teacher completes a Strengths and Difficulties questionnaire – this helps to support the child’s peer and social development. The check usually takes around 45 minutes and the nurse is trained to put a child at ease

Book a B4 School Check today!

• Phone: 0800 247 224 (free from cellphones)
• Text: 027 226 0618
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