Upcycling, recycling key to clothing market

Tannia Lee displays some of her items at the Be-Loved vintage clothing market at the Maori Hill...
Tannia Lee displays some of her items at the Be-Loved vintage clothing market at the Maori Hill community centre on Saturday. PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH
When it comes to fashion trends, things go in cycles.

Vintage clothing seller Tannia Lee has seen most of them.

Ms Lee has been in the vintage clothing business for more than 20 years, and on Saturday was one of the 11 stall-holders who packed into the Maori Hill community centre for the Be-Loved vintage clothing market.

"Different cities have different trends.

"There are a lot of different style niches in Dunedin, but definitely winter jerseys are really popular down here, because it’s so cold.

"I love looking for colours and patterns and prints that clash."

Ms Lee said a good vintage clothing seller would be adept at "people watching".

"It’s about noticing trends and keeping an eye on what people are wearing.

"It’s really fun to share things with like-minded people who are keen to upcycle and recycle."

Recent discoveries had been a selection of "knitted Dunedin jerseys" from the 1990s which seemed to be coming back into fashion, she said.

It usually took Ms Lee a couple of weekends to prepare her items for a market to ensure "everything is properly presented and priced".

Be-Loved market organiser Joanna Livingston said there was a strong focus on sustainability and "finding your own style".

"The sellers are very passionate about what they do and have amazing taste.

"We're very strong on individuality. It’s about the things you can't find anywhere else."

Ms Livingston said the market had a strong student following.

"It’s the fact you're part of recycling fashion, rather than purchasing pieces that are fast out of fashion and thrown away."

The market would hopefully run every eight weeks, she said.