Simply irresistible

Heavenly morsels are an irresistible combination of densely sweet and tantalisingly tart dried fruits, dark chocolate, and orange liqueur, bound together with ground almonds, a very tempting treat.

Utterly delicious and the work of moments to assemble, no cooking required.

You can, of course choose different fruits and liqueurs to vary the texture and flavour.

Because dried fruit can be overwhelmingly sweet, I have chosen some with a very definite sharp-tangy taste.

These little fruit and nut balls are a delectable after-dinner nibble.

They go well with richly brewed coffee and perfectly accompany a nightcap.


Heavenly morsels


100g dried cranberries
100g NZ dried apricots, halved
100g raisins
70g crystallised ginger
30g pitted prunes
70g dark chocolate chips
4 Tbsp Cointreau or other orange flavoured liqueur
120g ground almonds
To roll, thread coconut or chocolate hail


Place dried fruits into a food processor and process until finely chopped.
Add chocolate and liqueur and blitz until the chocolate is chopped into very fine pieces and the dried fruits are all smoothly mixed together.
Add the ground almonds process until well combined. With damp hands, divide the mixture into 4 and then each quarter into 6. Roll the pieces into balls.
Roll in coconut or chocolate hail.

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