Paper Plane Championship

A University of Otago student may get to compete in the 2012 world paper plane contest in Austria, after his handmade dart glided more than 30m and into the record books yesterday.

Josh Stewart, a third-year genetics student, will know today whether anyone else in New Zealand managed to beat his Otago record of 30.1m.

Josh Stewart (left) could be taking his winning paper plane technique to the world championships...
Josh Stewart (left) could be taking his winning paper plane technique to the world championships in Austria. Marlon Johnson (right) demonstrates his quirky style in the aerobatics category.
Mr Stewart competed against about 30 students at the regional qualifying competition, organised through the University of Otago and held at the Alhambra-Union Rugby Football Club.

The last of eight competing universities in New Zealand will hold its qualifying tournament today in Wellington.

Representatives from more than 85 countries are taking part in the paper plane championships, sponsored by an energy drink company.

Winners of the three categories (longest distance, longest airtime and aerobatics) from each participating country win an all-expenses-paid trip to compete at the world contest in Salzburg on May 4 and 5.

Mr Stewart said he was happy with his Otago record.

The secret to flight longevity was a thin, narrow plane and a strong throw, he said.

National winners will be announced on April 10.

Yesterday's Dunedin competition from took place between noon and 2pm and attracted about 100 spectators.

(Photos by Stephen Jaquiery) 

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