Science As Art - OSMS Photography competition results

Overall winner Tin Spheres, by Liz Girvan.
Overall winner Tin Spheres, by Liz Girvan.
The inaugural Otago School of Medical Sciences Photography Competition was held earlier this year with the theme "Science As Art".

There were two categories - "Photomicrographs" and "Science At Work - The Human Touch". Within each category prizes were awarded to the best entry from a member of the academic staff, general staff and students. One photo was also selected as the overall winner.

All the photographs will be on display in the Skeggs Gallery during the International Science Festival (10 am - 5 pm, Monday July 7 to Sunday July 13).

The judges (one scientist, one professional photographer and one member of the public) were very impressed with the number of entries and the standard of the photographs.

Science At Work - The Human Touch

The student prize was awarded to Annika Bokor for her entry on Growing Apothecia of Botryotinia fuckeliana. Highly commended in this category was another entry from Annika - entitled Mature apothecia of Botryotinia fuckeliana in a 6-well micro plate.

The best photograph from a member of the general staff was "Windows of the Heart", submitted by Shannon O'Neill. Shannon's second entry "Knee Reflections" was Highly Commended. The judges particularly commented on the quality and composition of these photographs.

Cyril Dejean's entry, "Voltage, Frequency and Correlation" was judged the best entry from an academic staff member in the Science At Work category. "Physiological Research At High Altitude" - submitted by Phil Ainslie, was Highly Commended.


Not surprisingly, there were many entries in this category and the standard was particularly high.

The best student photograph was the whimsical entry "Mr Giraffe", submitted by Kajsa Igelstrom. Melissa Barry's entry "Layer V Pyramidal Neuron of the Motor Cortex" was Highly Commended.

The best general staff photomicrograph was "Tin Spheres" submitted by Liz Girvan, who also provided the Highly Commended photo in this section - "Pollen Family".

The academic photomicrograph section was perhaps the hardest category to evaluate, but the judges finally decided that "Axons Get a Kiss" (submitted by Christine Jasoni) was the winning photograph, while "The Prickly Side of Sex" (Rebecca Campbell) was Highly Commended.

The judges were unanimous in choosing "Tin Spheres" as the best photograph overall. Congratulations to Liz Girvan for this lovely photo.

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