Class Act 2013 ten years on: St Peter's College

Where are they now?


2013: The former head boy had won a speech competition, taking him to Australia.

He also excelled as a runner, winning various titles.

A career in law or commerce appealed to him.

2023: A senior solicitor at Cruickshank Pryde Lawyers in Invercargill, Pearce focuses on civil litigation,commercial and property law.

He still runs, although no longer competitively, and hopes to obtain his Trinity College London ATCL diploma for speech and drama at some stage in the future.



2013: Cameron was in the Southland under-19 netball team and in 2012 was vice-captain of the Eastern Southland under-17 team.

She enjoyed painting and planned a career in the arts.

2023: A Dunedin-based beekeeper, Cameron recently launched her own business, handcrafting tapered beeswax candles.

She has a fine arts degree, as well as certificates in apiculture and herbal medicine. She no longer plays netball but enjoys working withclay, growing food, cooking and making herbal medicines.