‘Elimination process’ to stop Tainui stench (+ video)

The source of the stench emanating from the Tahuna wastewater treatment plant remains a mystery.

Dunedin City Council wastewater treatment manager Chris Henderson said, as of yesterday afternoon, the stench had gone, but until the source of the problem was found he remained unsure whether it would return.

‘‘We thought we were on top of it [on Tuesday] and then the problem came back again,'' Mr Henderson said.

Adjustments were being made at the plant in an attempt to find a solution.

‘‘It's a mystery and we are going through an elimination process, basically.''

The new strategy was to reduce the amount of gas generated by the plant, in the hopes of giving odour-eating bacteria ‘‘the right conditions they need to thrive'', a DCC press release said yesterday.

‘‘It may take a few days to see if this helps.''Mr Henderson reiterated his apology to ‘‘people in the Tainui area'' in the press release yesterday.

‘‘We know this is a real nuisance.''



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