140 responses on replacement pavers

Photo: Peter McIntosh
Photo: Peter McIntosh
More than 140 responses were submitted to the Dunedin Council Council on its $100,000 paving trial on replacements for the city's ageing terracotta brick pavers.

The council's team leader urban design, Crystal Filep, said while the initial period of feedback on the trial had finished, the pavers would remain in place until a permanent upgrade was done as part of the development of the central city.

There might be another feedback period during winter to assess how the pavers performed in colder weather, Dr Filep said.

Generally, the feedback focused on the look and feel of the pavers and their slip resistance performance.

Some people found the large, light grey smooth pavers were better in terms of comfort and appearance, while rough surface pavers were better for slip resistance.

Some concerns were raised about mobility needs related to slip resistance and grip during cold or wet weather, Dr Filep said. 

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