28 paws and 2 feet get exercise in Caversham

Keeping seven dogs on a tight leash in South Rd, Caversham, yesterday afternoon is a breeze for Dunedin woman Beverley Livingstone, and (from left) chihuahuas Tina, Pippen,Tommee, Simeon and Charlie (obscured), Jack Russell Maizie and fox terrier Chloe.

Only Tina and Tommee belong to her, the others belong to a friend, and she did not hesitate in saying "little Tina" was her favourite.

"She was given to me in very bad condition, and I had to hand-feed her. She's just wonderful. She lolls on my lap and stares at me adoringly."

Mrs Livingstone (69) said she had no issue keeping the dogs under control, as she was formerly a professional dog trainer. 

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