Advising against Dunedin ventures

Jing Song's proposed Wharf St hotel. Photo: Supplied
Jing Song's proposed Wharf St hotel. Photo: Supplied
The woman behind a failed bid to build a $100 million waterfront hotel in Dunedin says the Dunedin City Council's fresh push to attract more accommodation is ''great''.

But Jing Song, who divided the city with her controversial plans for a 27-storey tower, said she would not recommend investing in the city after her own experience.

''I don't think that would [give] very much confidence to other investors.''

I think they have to think twice,'' she said.

Ms Song was commenting after Mayor Dave Cull said on Tuesday the council would soon begin a major push to attract more hotel investment to the city.

Jing Song
Jing Song
Ms Song said Mr Cull's commitment to attracting investors was ''very encouraging'' but would need to be followed up with action.

Her Wharf St project collapsed in April last year after consent was declined and talks with the council, aimed at rescuing the project, failed.

Ms Song said yesterday the council needed to be more proactive and ''really push'' in future, as other potential investors would not have the same ties to the city as she did.

Mr Cull said yesterday any new hotel development would still have to go through the same resource consent process as Ms Song's project.

The council made ''exhaustive efforts'' to rescue the project, but it ultimately proved to be unworkable, he said.

''That hotel could not be made to work in that place.''

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