Award-winning songwriter releases video

Award-winning children’s songwriter Rob Wigley has hit the small screen with the launch of his music video I’m on my Bicycle yesterday.

The Dunedin-based performer penned the song with a little help from his collaboration partner Levity Beet, and the result turned out a catchy tune about tamariki getting out and about on their bikes.

Having been the creator of a previous Apra children’s song winner Mr Wigley approached NZ on Air for funding for the video and they financed his project.

The Dunedin City Council then threw their financial support behind the production after they were encouraged by Mr Wigley’s positive environmental and well-being messaging in his music.

Director Pennie Hunt and director of photography Iain Frengley created the video which starred local children and was filmed in and around Port Chalmers.

"The message behind the song is for kids to get out on their bikes, take risks and make some fun in their neighbourhoods," Mr Wigley said.

Rob Wigley has made a children’s song with a video funded by NZ on Air and the DCC. PHOTO: PETER...
Rob Wigley has made a children’s song with a video funded by NZ on Air and the DCC. PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH
The successful children’s songwriter found his musical calling after his daughter’s started singing his original penned songs back to him.

"The day they started singing back to me was the green light," he said.

Mr Wigley reflected on the nostalgia of his childhood and said the inspiration behind the I’m on my Bicycle track was from growing up riding his bike and making friends in his neighbourhood.

He said he was stoked after he won his first children’s songwriting award and felt that despite not having such a musical background, he was encouraged to know that after winning children’s songwriting awards he had "something worth sharing".

Mr Wigley is also known as the artist, Mr Roberelli.

He also creates music with his wife Jen.

By Nina Tapu