Boys stack cups on world stage

John McGlashan College pupils William McLauchlan (11) and Ben Lovelock (17) have been selected...
John McGlashan College pupils William McLauchlan (11) and Ben Lovelock (17) have been selected for the 2015 New Zealand Black Stacks team and will take on the best sport stackers in the world. Photo by Samantha McPherson.
Concentration, efficiency and being precise are important keys in ''sport stacking''.

John McGlashan College pupils Ben Lovelock and William McLauchlan have been been selected for the New Zealand Black Stacks team.

The pair will travel to the United States to compete on the world stage next year. It is Ben's third time and William's first time competing.

Sport stacking is an individual and team sport that involves stacking specialised plastic cups in specific sequences as fast as possible.

Ben, who has been stacking for five years, said the sport involved a lot of concentration.

''I have met quite a few good people from all over the world doing it. I have been able to go overseas and do something I really enjoy doing on the world stage.

"It's a lot of concentration. You have to be so precise. You become more efficient with practice.

"It's a sport that you have got to love so it makes you want to keep doing it. It clicks with some people,'' he said.

There are three main individual routines, doubles and team relays.

Ben's fastest time to complete the cycle stack is 05sec and William's is 06.44sec.

William, who has been stacking for about a year, said it was a ''big thing on Youtube''.

''I practise 30 minutes every day and two hours over the weekend. It's really addictive.''


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