Bronzed, toned and raring to go

Dunedin bodybuilders (front, from left) Gregory Scott (49), Barbara Olah (35), Lisa Williams (45)...
Dunedin bodybuilders (front, from left) Gregory Scott (49), Barbara Olah (35), Lisa Williams (45), (rear, from left) Simon Pointer (32), Debbie Nicolson (49) and Brent McKenzie (56) flex their muscles at the Wall Street mall in Dunedin yesterday. Photo by Peter McIntosh.
As you tuck into your orange juice, cereal, toast and/or full English breakfast this morning, spare a thought for Barbara Olah.

All the Dunedin 35-year-old will be eating for breakfast today is a couple of dry rice cakes, a very strong shot of coffee, some protein paste and banana, and some herbal diuretics.

''That will be breakfast. It doesn't sound very appetising, but when you're hungry, you'll eat anything.''

She is one of more than 60 bodybuilders who will be competing in the South Island Body Building Championships in Dunedin today, and for the past 16 weeks, her diet has consisted of low carbohydrate food.

''Carbs are a luxury at the moment. It's pretty gruelling. You crave things like cake, and mince and cheese pies really bad,'' she said.

''On Monday, I'm looking forward to having toast with butter and jam or honey for breakfast,'' she said.

Bodybuilders from around the South Island will be gathering at the University of Otago College of Education auditorium today, hoping to qualify for the National Amateur Body Builders' Association national bodybuilding competition in Auckland on October 13.

The South Island competition consists of five different classes - fitness model, shape, figure, athletic, and physique.

Among those registered to compete in the South Island competition is former 2012 association national championship Ms Shape New Zealand award winner Susan Baxter, of Dunedin.

Association New Zealand executive member Suzie Patrick said this was the third year in a row the South Island event had been held in Dunedin, and given the success and growing popularity of the event, the venue had been moved this year from the King's and Queen's High School Performing Arts Centre to the College of Education auditorium.

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