65 from university placed in isolation

Some University of Otago students have been isolated in university-provided accommodation, along with meals and supplies, as a coronavirus preventive measure.

Otago University emergency and business continuity co-ordinator Andrew Ferguson said about 65 students from mainland China, or who had visited or travelled through China before coming to the Dunedin campus, had self-isolated so far.

The university had "managed" about half of them with daily phone calls and other support, he said.

Some of those students were self-isolated in university-provided accommodation with all meals and supplies provided by the university. He did not say where the students had been accommodated.

There was one student who had self-isolated in their own home, but that was precautionary as the student was not unwell.

The university’s incident management team, which was leading the response to coronavirus, would continue to plan to provide accommodation for any students or staff who needed to self-isolate both now, or when and if the current travel ban was lifted by the Government, he said.

The Government yesterday declined to the lift the ban in the meantime.

The Executive Residence, owned by Otago University, is not currently taking bookings.

When asked why, a university spokeswoman declined to comment.


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