Central Dunedin Fire Station work on hold

Plans to upgrade the Central Dunedin Fire Station have been suspended further in the wake of Christchurch's earthquake, despite engineers finding it needs major earthquake strengthening work.

Tenders were called for the work on the building, which was meant to cost several million dollars and take about two years, in late 2009.

However, plans were stalled when a subsequent engineer's and conservation reports on the building both showed it required major earthquake proofing and conservation work to bring it up building code standards.

The Fire Service then set about reconsidering its options for the refurbishment.

Last year, Fire Service national manager, strategic assets, Kevin Stacey, said tearing down the building, rated as category 2 by the Historic Places Trust, was not an option, although total rebuilding behind the 1931 facade was one possibility.

This week, he said any decisions would be delayed again after the Christchurch earthquake in February and subsequent shakes damaged most of the city's stations, including the Central Christchurch station, which had been given a red sticker.

Firefighters from that station had been moved to other stations and temporary accommodation until a temporary station was built at another central city site.

Other stations in the city were damaged and others still required repair after September's shake.

Not only was sorting out the Fire Service's buildings in Christchurch a priority, the level of earthquake strengthening required at the Central Dunedin station had to be thought about in a different manner after what had happened in Christchurch.

It was too early to say which parts of the Central Dunedin station would stay and which would go, and those decisions were a long way off now, he said.

He declined to comment on how much any work could cost until some decisions had been made, but was unable to say if any of those vital decisions would be made this year.

"I would hope it wouldn't be too long, but we have quite a bit going on right now."

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