Clean energy system considered for Dunedin

A new clean energy centre for Dunedin possibly using  biomass - forestry residue and wood chips that produce clean energy - is the next major infrastructure plan for the city.

The centre would involve a reticulation centre taking hot water for heating around the central city.

The Dunedin City Council, University of Otago, Southern District Health Board and the Ministry of Health have agreed to jointly investigate the idea.

While the idea would involve major work to lay pipes through the central city, council energy plan co-ordinator Jeremy Baker said it could be done as other major projects like the new Dunedin hospital build and the central city upgrade happen.

Council chief executive Sue Bidrose, said a memorandum of understanding signed by the organisations represented ''a commitment from the signatories to collaboratively look at new clean-energy options for the central city, with real economic and environmental benefits.

''The first step will be preparation of a business case, so we’re getting that underway.

''This is the perfect time to get this investigation rolling because there are several other complementary initiatives on line.

''We have the construction of the new hospital, the planned central city upgrade and examination of the State Highway 1 one-way pair, which could all offer potential for efficiencies around infrastructure installation.

''There’s also the greenhouse gas emission goals set by the DCC and central government.”


I wonder why there is no incinerators for rubbish in NZ? Look to Europe. Basel, Switzerland for example has one. They are heating 8000 homes with it. This would take care of two problems: Piles of rubbish going to landfills and heating the cold homes of Dunedin.
It pays to open up your mind and look at other countries solutions instead of doing lot's of research on your own.

Great idea but very selfish of the DCC what about the those other things you know oh its the people who live in Dunedin the ones who pay rates. Is this empire building so the fat cats can be warm and others stay cold, - what you think of that Dunners?

Great idea/ but not with the flakes that are in control in new Zealand/ think of persons that die of the cold/