Councillors opt for substantial rates rise

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Otago ratepayers will face a significant rates rise next year.

But by how much is yet to be publicly confirmed.

In its draft long-term plan 2021-31, the Otago Regional Council proposed a hefty rates rise to pay for its more intense workload, including a general rates rise of 73.2% for next year.

Following deliberations over public feedback, councillors voted in favour of a rates rise yesterday, rather than dipping into council reserves to offset the costs.

The original proposal for the rates rise was for targeted rates to increase by 29.3% in 2021-22, general rates to rise by 73.2%, and total rates to rise by 47.5% next year.

However, there is a chance those figures could change if councillors make any further changes to the draft long-term plan before it is signed off next month.

Most councillors were in support of a rates rise yesterday.

Cr Bryan Scott said it was not "good faith" to defer the impact of the need for increased spending.

"The future will have its own challenges."

But Cr Michael Laws felt it was more fair to ratepayers to offset the rates rise by using the council’s general reserves.

Cr Carmen Hope also voted against the rates rise.



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Ahhhhh. It must be nice to be able to meet your expenses by simply demanding a bigger pay packet.

I'm thinking of buying a brand new Bentley next month. But it's OK, I'll tell my employer they will have to pay me more.

Well, no suprise there - now ORC - you consulted with the public on this, please relaease the statistics on what people were saying in the consultation you've just undertaken. Time for more transparency about what was said

This is exactly why only the best and brightest should be elected to office. So you don't have people like this making decisions on how your money is spent.

One would hope this so called representatives of the region remember this at the next election when they should all be voted out. Thank you ORC for providing nothing of value to this region except taking money and building up reserves for nothing

Value to me of the ORC services 'funded' by my rates, taken by this entity- zero. Others may benefit from the ORC's actions, then let them pay for what they provide them. Another group of technocrats milking the citizenry. When will the pillaging of these 'takers' end?

"councillors voted in favour of a rates rise yesterday" of course they did, got to pay their over bloated salary's somehow, pigs in a trough.

Clearly there are issues related to the ORC, farmers and arguments about water that require resourcing.
Still, to ignore the impact such a massive increase will have on rate payers is simply absurd. Especially given most of them have nothing to do with the farming community and their desire to destroy the environment anyway!

O our R ripoff C continues
D don't C complain C clowns
R reality A adverse T tax E excuse S suckers

Looks like the coffee shops all over Otago will be closing down as we all stop buying coffee to pay for the increase. If you wonder just what I'm on about read this....

It would seem a lot of the "its only two cups of coffee" people are still there, we have only ourselves to blame

The least talented group of people in Otago. I bet the first thing they do after raising rates is to give themselves a raise in pay!!!

Why do we need both the ORC and the DCC anyway's? It would save ratepayers by eliminating the ORC.

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