Bitten after alleged threat

A teenager who sparked a police pursuit in Dunedin this week was bitten by a police dog after allegedly threatening the dog and its handler with a knife after an abandoned chase.

The incident unfolded after police were called to Bay View Rd on Wednesday afternoon, where the 16-year-old appeared to be removing the bonnet of a stolen Subaru Impreza WRX, which was believed to have had its plates swapped.

As he fled the scene in the vehicle, the youth allegedly nearly ran an officer over, and the pursuit was initiated.

It was abandoned shortly after as the teen "recklessly overtook" a vehicle by moving into oncoming traffic and drove through a stop sign in Forbury Rd, Senior Sergeant Craig Dinnissen, of Dunedin, said.

The boy was located by police returning to an address in South Dunedin where, on being confronted, he allegedly threatened the police dog and handler with a knife. The police dog bit the youth, who has since received medical attention.

The boy was arrested at 6.25pm on Wednesday and appeared in the Dunedin Youth Court yesterday.

He faces six charges, including his second charge of disqualified driving after a previous incident on the March 30.

He was set to be sent to a youth facility in Christchurch.

 - Estelle Schuler 

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