Man threatened ex while kids were in house

A Dunedin man fuelled by jealousy and malice brandished a knife at his ex-partner while his three young children were in the house.

At 9.30am on June 10, Jordan William Walker, 32, was at his ex-partner’s home.

After interrogating the woman about her dating habits, the defendant became increasingly jealous, the Dunedin District Court heard last week.

As the woman fed their 1-year-old in the lounge, Walker "suddenly became agitated and aggressive", court documents said.

He took the victim’s phone, keys and bank card before grabbing her by the collar and violently dragging her outside.

Walker forcefully threw her to the ground and stood over her.

He produced a Karambit knife with a 10cm claw-shaped blade and wielded it at the victim, pointing the blade towards her.

He ordered her to get out of the house and threatened to slash her tyres.

The victim managed to break away and get her youngest into the bedroom with her two other children, aged 2 and 7.

Walker followed her into the bedroom, yelling at her.

Police arrived a short time later and retrieved the knife and arrested the defendant.

Walker told police he took the victim’s property "to be malicious", the court heard.

"That is really controlling and possessive behaviour," Judge David Robinson said.

"You are bigger, you are stronger.

"You have the potential to inflict serious harm.

"I commend [the victim] ... that must have been utterly terrifying for you."

The victim provided a statement in which she described her ex-partner as an amazing father but acknowledged they needed space.

"I never wanted our relationship to end like this," she told the court.

Judge Robinson said Walker had "laid himself open with Probation" and had shown genuine remorse for his actions.

"You put your hand up and acknowledged where you have fallen down, and fallen down in a big way."

Walker was convicted of assault in a family relationship and possessing an offensive weapon.

He was sentenced to three months’ home detention and ordered to complete a Stopping Violence programme.