Meth user on crime binge

A Nelson woman whose methamphetamine-fuelled crime spree took her south to Dunedin has been jailed for two years.

Anika Jane Northover (29) appeared before the Dunedin District Court yesterday on 20 charges, including eight theft counts, two of possessing methamphetamine and one of possessing cannabis for supply.

Judge Michael Crosbie called her an ''experienced and versatile offender'', who had spent time behind bars before for her drug and dishonesty convictions.

The Nelson District Court had given Northover a chance to turn her life around - sentencing her to intensive supervision for her previous crimes in 2016. But not long after that, the defendant reverted to type.

Before she breached her bail and her crime spree took her to Dunedin, Northover was visited by police while staying in a Blenheim motel in March.

While speaking to her, officers spotted a bullet on a windowsill and invoked their powers to search the property.

Counsel Debbie Ericsson explained the ammunition had actually been made into a necklace.

However, what was inside the hotel room could not be explained.

Police found 51g of cannabis, 0.7g of methamphetamine, $10,220 in cash, a Taser and clothes that had been taken during a burglary. There was also a police scanner in the room tuned to the Blenheim police frequency. She could not be charged over that, the judge said, but it provided a context.

Ms Ericsson said the cash had been earned by legitimate means and the weapon was to protect Northover in her line of work.

The crime spree finally came to an end after the defendant shoplifted from Dunedin outlets and was caught driving while disqualified.

Judge Crosbie said the woman was either shoplifting to order or was grabbing what she could to sell and fund her class-A drug habit.

Ms Ericsson said since being medicated, Northover was ''feeling normal for the first time in her life''.

Northover was also ordered to repay $2934 and was banned from driving for two years.

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