Ticket for cop who used phone while driving

The Dunedin police officer caught using her phone while driving has received a ticket and a talking to.

She was caught in the city on Wednesday last week during a police sting targeting motorists not wearing seat-belts or using their phones.

A police spokeswoman said today the officer was issued with an infringement notice, and was spoken to and ''reminded of police policy''.

''She was using the phone for work purposes, but in the circumstances could have pulled over or waited to use it.

"There will be no further action taken.''

Police are only allowed to use their phones while driving in emergency situations. 


I'm not at all surprised that the policewoman didn't receive a ticket immediately while other drivers did. While she is allowed to use her phone in emergency situations, the police should have ticketed her on the spot and then allowed her to dispute the ticket in the normal manner. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind after all.

Not in this case it seems.