Youths nabbed over spate of car break-ins

Two youths have owned up to a spate of vehicle break-ins after they were tracked by a police dog team at the weekend.

Police said the pair were seen breaking into a number of unlocked cars south of the Octagon on Saturday morning.

Police were called and the youths fled but were tracked by the police dog.

Once apprehended they admitted breaking into 20 unlocked vehicles in an area including Queens Gardens, Princes St, Manor Place and Maitland St.

The pair have been referred to Youth Aid.

Police said people should lock their cars at all times, and follow these measures:

- Always take keys with you when you leave your vehicle.

- Always lock your vehicle when you leave it.

- Close all windows, including sunroofs.

- Park in well-lit areas if possible.

- Try not to leave valuables in your car.

- If you have to leave valuables in your car, make sure they are out of sight, but remember hiding them is not as safe as removing them.

- Don’t leave documents with personal information or keys to your house/business/boat etc in your vehicle.

- Consider installing an alarm to provide extra security.

- As always if you see any suspicious activity – report it.


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