Backing for ecological restoration

Aaron Hawkins.
Aaron Hawkins.
Dunedin's ecology may get a boost over the next decade, after a vote for extra funding for ecological restoration.

The council yesterday voted to consult the public on a draft 10-year plan that included $80,000 a year for the council's biodiversity fund.

It would also add $70,000 for one year to establish ''baseline data '' on biodiversity, and $100,000 a year to support relationships with landowners.

The additional funding would allow the council to work with landowners and partners to improve biodiversity, including assessing and advising on projects.

The biodiversity fund is allocated on a cost-sharing basis for projects aimed at protecting indigenous biodiversity by fencing and permanently protecting areas through covenants and management.

Cr Aaron Hawkins moved an option that would include all the suggested funding.

The council voted 13-1 for the additional funding. Cr Lee Vandervis voted against.


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