Council keeping open watch

Sue Bidrose
Sue Bidrose
The Dunedin City Council continues to monitor its public facilities and services during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Museums, libraries, swimming pools and the art gallery will remain open, but this will be continually reassessed.

Council chief executive Sue Bidrose said the situation was rapidly changing, and as such, the council was unable to predict what would happen.

‘‘We can prepare, and that is what we and other agencies will continue to do.

‘‘We continue to act on advice from health authorities as to what actions it should take around facilities and services. We’re also working closely with other councils.’’

No decisions had been made around what would happen to staff if facilities closed.

She said precautionary measures had been taken at public facilities.

‘‘We have signs up at all our facilities asking people who are unwell, or have travelled from overseas in the past 14 days, to delay their visit and go home.’’


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Yes, great advice, we'll just sit back and watch/respond when the sky caves in.
Just get TESTING implemented on a national scale. Stop sitting about with your heads in the sand, waiting to close the gate after the horse has bolted. Make it happen, stop dithering. Goodness knows you're paid enough eh Sue? TESTING!!

Doom amd gloom Buzz man. Go and see your man of action Vandercis to get stuff done. I'm still waiting on that impressive list of his many projects as a DCC Councilor in how many terms.. 3 wasn't it?
This must be the fifth time I've asked but as of yet no list has been produced. After several attempts to find information of Vandervis projects I still come out with a huge fat zero. Somehow you want him installed as lord of all but he doesn't produce results, maybe that is due to not actually doing anything but complain.
Another Taraunga Council also has a wayward Councilor as well. Maybe they both could team up and we would have a super council of the high and mighty. Hell, let's just put the both of them as joint PM and all of NZ's problems would be solved.

You're not great at reading are you Kezza. I replied to you some months ago, yet you continue to prattle on about successful projects. So I will repeat to you, his primary concern and focus has always been about the misrepresentation and exessive spending on projects around the city. He raised very real financial concerns over the stadium, Auroa energy, roading and kerbing budget blow outs, the list goes on. He has essentially acted as a whistleblower. I don't see that as a problem. Coucillors who get caught out by this whistleblowing band together and look to hide the details. Vadervis looks to expose the true costs. I have no problem with that.
Fact of the matter is Kezza, we can't just have a group of 'yes men/woman' in council. We also need people there to ask the hard questions. Some may see that as 'abrasive', however, it also brings balance to proposed projects, especially in light of the costs to the ratepayer, which is where the money comes from in the first place. We have had successive Mayors and councillors that have no experience in business. There in lays the problem. The attitude is to just increase rates and spend on non essential services. Anyway, we're off topic.

Vandervis has not exposed anything. Anything of substance was our in the open before Vandervis started spouting off.

The stadium, I take a stab in the dark and guess that the two latest concerts introduced around $25 million into the economy. That is coin that wouldn't be in the Dunedin system.

I seriously don't get the doom and gloom Vandervis cheerleaders. It's all point the finger, do this do that with zero budget producing exceptional results at the same time. What you propose is impossible but away you keep talking.
Thank you for posting the extensive list of Vandervis projects. It speaks volumes of him not actually doing anything positive. Install him as leader when he actually can't start a project let alone complete one, is insane at best.

With respect to you Kezza, I would chose to 'agree to disagree' with your view, as you no doubt will with mine. The 'projects' of some are to contain the spending of others. If we don't have this balance in our governmental systems, the average person has no idea what is going on. As for your most recent Mayor, my point is that he has NO business or work experience that relates. A BA in Media and Film with a stint on Radio and some involvement with the arts is not ideal for running what is a very important business. Rather, he is merely a puppet being advised by similarlary inexperienced people who speak the garb rather than experience grabbing the barb. Spending the money of others is easy when you have little knowledge of back breaking work.
As for doom and gloom. If your have a mindframe where your default thought is to presume my comments are based and focused on 'doom and gloom', that is your choice. I am unable to re-channel your interpretation of my comments. Maybe I should take writing lessons to convey a more positive approach that is better understood by some here. None the less, I wish you, and your family well in these times.
And we're still well off topic.......

Perhaps you could search council records that would show that Vandervis has not exposed anything and his continued bleating of claiming yo be a 'whistleblower' has cost the council over $100,000 to date. Whoops..... No projects started let alone finished, claims to be a whistleblower and still fails at that and costs the council over $100,000 while failing at his strong point.

Buzz. Incase you missed it. I will be working on an articial about Vandervis and his lack of delivery and the cost of his whistleblowing that hasn't archived anything. You can thank yourself and the others who can't get over their doom and gloom.
It is something that the public needs to know and I an sure thereavre quite a few that are some illusion that Vandervis actually dose something and gets results.

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