Council pushes central city residential housing

Ways of encouraging residential development in Dunedin's centre city will be explored as one of the solutions to a predicted housing shortage.

A housing capacity report which found the city could be 1000 homes short by 2028 was presented to councillors at a meeting of the Dunedin City Council's planning and environment committee on Tuesday.

Council city development policy planner Nathan Stocker said the council was required to make sure it had 10 years worth of residential capacity and the report found there was only enough for about five.

The council was now required to find more capacity, Mr Stocker said.

Cr Andrew Whiley asked why there was a difference between the amount of residential development allowed under the second generation plan (2GP) and what the report said was available.

Both conclusions were made using different methodologies and the report took into account what was feasible and realistic not just available land, Mr Stocker said.

Councillors also voted to start a plan change process to the 2GP to help create additional housing capacity, yesterday.

A motion was put forward by Cr Aaron Hawkins requesting staff investigate options for encouraging residential development in the central business district and central city.

It also asked the report be used in the proposed plan change process.

Any solution to the expected housing shortfall would need to include residential development in the central city area, Cr Hawkins said.

The solution was not freeing up ''infinitely'' more land, he said.

Cr Rachel Elder said there was a urgent need for more housing now, not just in five years.

A Dunedin family approached her last week for help to find accommodation because their own search had been unsuccessful, she said.

''This isn't a problem just in five years it is a problem now,'' she said.

Only Cr Lee Vandervis voted against Cr Hawkins' motion.


For those who voted for , Banish these idiots who want to wreak Dunedin, Has Hawkins even travelled, Dunedin does not need to do this or live like Singapore or Dubai. Dunedin has room to spread out, Hawkins look at Dubai high-rise vs Muscat Oman where the Sultan said no high rise buildings Oman is way better. Hawkins return to your Village holding Culls hand and the rest of those who voted for this. Hawkins While no idea is a dumb idea, this is just Dumb, Congratulations Lee for not being a sheep

$100 000+ to deveop subdivisions in new suburbs. Water, earthmoving, roads. power, footpaths. Save all that by intensifying the city.
Many people would choose to live in a apartment in the city rather than 3 Mile Hill in the snow line.

We just stayed in a friends apartment in Brisbane city last night, stuff that it will take a very special person to live like that. Get in lift from street via a security fob, go up three floors , get out lift, down dark narrow corridor, open door to 2 bedroom apartment, my mental health could not handle living like that for extended periods of time. Go to work, come home, eat, go to sleep, get up go to work. what a life, no way.

Agree and I live in an apartment- but a well designed one with a real garden and roof garden. The key to success is good design which is in short supply. Dunedin is such a huge city area wise- why not spread ourselves out and have free public buses to get there?

Dunedin has room to spread.