Council seeks public vision for George St

Kathryn Ward
Kathryn Ward
Options for the new look for Dunedin's main street could be unveiled by the middle of this year.

The Dunedin City Council yesterday opened public consultation on the redevelopment of George St, which forms stage two of its $60million plan for the central city.

Council principal urban designer Kathryn Ward said it wanted to hear from those with ideas on what George St should look like in future.

The aim was to identify a set of preferred options by the middle of this year, after which the council would decide whether a further round of public consultation was needed, she said.

The development area stretched along George St from Albany St to Moray Pl, and the aim was to make it ''more attractive and pedestrian-friendly, while also celebrating our heritage and improving safety'', she said.

Roadshows held across the city would give people a chance to have their say, or people could use the council website - and an online interactive map - to share their views.

Workshops, activities and events would also promote the project.

The George St part of the central city plan was expected to cost between $18million and $28million, including funding from the council and the NZ Transport Agency.

Construction was scheduled to begin in 2021 and be completed at the end of 2022.


Hasn't the end of the story already been set in concrete, I feel this is just to make the people of Dunedin warm and fuzzy so they think they are having a say in how the town is shaped, it takes the heat off Cull, Pope and Bidrose so they can all say we gave you a chance to say. Who's got the contract have tenders gone out put it all on the table out in the open. I honestly thing there should be a life size bronze statue of Cull, Bidrose and pope in the design, One holding a broom, One with the mat 1/2 lifted off the ground and the last one ready to stand on it - so Dunedin can be constantly reminded what they have done for the town - Nothing except let it's amenities be run down and take take money off rate payers

You are correct the sooner that guy who calls himself the Mayor and his yes men cronies are gone the better,then there might be some money spent on infrastructure instead of vanity projects.

Well said.

Council doesn't want consultation, they want public affirmation of their intention to ban cars from George St, lower Stuart St and the Octagon.
Silly councilors and staff who think all Dunedin ratepayers will ride their bikes from high on the hills to town to buy their goods. A really dumb idea put up by blinkered greens.

In case these people haven't noticed: Dunedin is mainly hilly. Dunedin has an elderly population with a transient student population for only parts of the year. And cruise boat passengers will not replace regular shoppers in July.

Older people need vehicle access and parking close to where they shop. Removing vehicle access removes these shoppers. George St traders will suffer, but deluded urban designers will just move on to ruin their next civic employer.