Cull: Some mayors are paid below minimum wage

Dave Cull
Dave Cull
A freeze on mayoral pay rises would be unfair on those who are leading New Zealand's smaller councils, Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull says.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel both have said they would support any decision to freeze their salaries for this year.

Ms Dalziel said she would write to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern asking her for a mayoral pay freeze.

Mr Goff is the country's highest paid mayor and is set to earn $279,562, while Ms Dalziel was the second highest, earning $193,099 this year after her pay rise.

But Mr Cull, who will earn $157,798, says the Remuneration Authority was clear the role of mayor was a full-time job and so should be paid accordingly.

''I don't think it's helpful having the two highest paid mayors in the country asking for a pay freeze when we have mayors of smaller councils not even making the minimum wage for the hours they work.''

Unless mayors and councillors were paid a decent wage it was extremely difficult to attract a diverse and skilled range of people to local government, he said.


"Mayors of smaller councils not even making the minimum wage for the hours they work.''
Please be more specific Mr. Cull, which councils? And if that is true, it is absolutely shockingly and maybe you should be asking if you can contribute some of your large salary to them!

I'm somewhat bemused about the line: "Mr Cull, who will earn $157,798".
Earn as opposed to being paid. A fine distinction maybe, but it is hard to see justification for any increase in Dunedin mayoral payments.

Hear, hear !! Mr Cull it is unfair that those mayors on other councils (whoever they are) are not getting paid enough. I agree with you that to redress that imbalance you have decided to pay yourself and your cohorts even more, well done a man of impeccable fairness to all.

I just checked the minimum wage for NZ. Working at the minimum wage for 80hours a week 52 weeks a year would give a wage of $68,640. Which mayors work 80 hours a week? Which mayors get under $69k annually?

You put your hand up for the job Dave,if I had my way it would be set for the length of term in office and a lot less money.