Cull undecided over mayoral bid

Dave Cull
Dave Cull
Dunedin's mayor is in no rush to make a decision on any future mayoral aspirations as his closest rivals from the last election also consider their options.

Nominations for this year's local body elections do not open until July 19 but already mayoral candidates in Wellington, Invercargill, Christchurch, Hamilton and Auckland have announced their intentions.

But the race to become mayor of Dunedin is yet to get out of the starting blocks.

Mayor Dave Cull said he was still contemplating whether or not to contest a fourth election in October.

Mr Cull said he was not in any hurry to make an announcement.

"I think it's more a fact of when other people would want to know by and I'm not putting a date on it in the meantime.''

Both of Mr Cull's closest rivals in 2016 have also not made a decision yet.

Cr Lee Vandervis said his family's circumstances had changed since 2016 and he needed to consider that before making a serious bid for the mayoralty.

"Having run several mayoral campaigns by now I have become very aware of the bitterness and criticism that goes with them.

"So I am not keen to rush in.''

Cr Vandervis said he had also been approached to stand for the Otago Regional Council.

Another 2016 mayoral candidate, Barry Timmings, said he was undecided about standing again.

Mr Timmings, who came third in 2016, said he had decided on his candidacy late last time and there were advantages to following that strategy again.

Cr Jim O'Malley said he was "leaning'' towards another mayoral campaign.

While he was "60% sure'', Cr O'Malley said he needed to be sure he could juggle mayoral duties and his other commitments, which included his fledgling biotech company.

Both Crs Christine Garey and Conrad Stedman said they were also considering a bid.

Former mayoral candidate Aaron Hawkins said he had no interest in challenging the mayor for "his job''.

Another former candidate Cr Andrew Whiley said he would not stand again unless he was encouraged to do so, while Cr Rachel Elder said she was yet to decide.

Two candidates, Scout Barbour-Evans and Carmen Houlahan, have confirmed they will contest both the council and mayoral elections.



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Please don't put your hand up again, Dave...

The damage you and your council have done to this city will take many years to fix, so the sooner we get started with a business and ratepayer friendly council, the better.

I agree with Snoozeman. Besides who wants a mayor who is not sure if he even wants to be mayor! I will be voting for whoever has the most drive, ambition and leadership skills. Hopefully one who wants to cut administration, red tape , PR, bureaucratic and vanity project costs. A mayor who will take action, personal responsibility and has a passion for the job. Not one who wants to form committees, sub committees, reports and endless consultations.

Dave can do-one, we need fresh blood to breathe life back into this dormant city.

WoW - Reading the article again I'm shocked but not really surprised that all Councillor's positions appear to be considered to be part-time. It looks like that they all have other commitments, interests, possible gaining information and moving the goal posts to fit their after hours commitments. Maybe I'm gullable but is this the norm for all councils? Is this why Dunedin is in the state it is in? Should there not be a public register of interests where all councillors , Mayor CEO declare all other positions interests they have, so they avoid any conflicts of interest or be accused of any. Is Dunedin getting fair deal? What is Cull after council hours interests? We know of LGNZ, Dunedin Mayor, What else? From another ODT Article
Cull is now being paid $157,798 a year and deputy mayor Chris Staynes will receive $77,316.
The remuneration for councillors has increased to $59,474 but committee chairmen will now be paid $72,856 and subcommittee chairmen $65,192. Not bad if they have other incomes and just tick and flick Councils business. I think owning ones own Business as a councillor is a little different compared to working for a corporate company with time lines.

The Truth is coming out on how people feel now Cull, go on put your name in the hat again and run for Mayor, tell us all again how you are a bag of chips and all that. Tell us what you can do for Dunedin, Let us ask you questions on the topics of what you can do for Dunedin, Let us wait and wait for the answers, Ban those from your FB page who ask such dificult questions or ignore them and never reply to emails. Put most questions in the oh to hard basket aye. Order a new Broom and mat for sweeping things under the mat, Stand with your hand in your trouser pockets with the slight movement of your head thinking I'm well above these people of Dunedin. Please don't, not put your name in the hat for this round thinking you will retire at the top of your game, believe me you are no where at the top of your game as a Mayor.
Lets hope you never become Knighted.

Do you not understand why someone with such animus as yourself would be banned from a Facebook Page?

Scout For Council.

Yes I do understand, however when a public identity somebody we are meant to look up too says they can do this and that, one expects them to be all over what they said they can do, and answer questions. In my experience I've witnessed way too many people in my working life that say and put fancy words around things saying they can do this and that, and they can't. Where I'm a person who only ever says what I can do and never sugar coats it and will never say I can do more than I can.

Snozzman, you expressed my sentiments beautifully and concisely in just three lines. I hope that your and everyone else's comments reflect the feelings of the majority of Dunedin's ratepayers.

I'll be very disappointed if Cr Vandervis doesn't run for the position of Mayor.

I am neutral as to whether or not I think he should stand again, but one thing I know is true is that he has done more for Dunedin than all the knockers posting here put together. Not one of you armchair warriors will put your name forward to work for this city. Keep up the tall poppy work , it's all you're all good at.

I can't work for Dunedin. and its a town not a city. soon to be village under Cull. I returned to Dunedin just before Cull was re-elected, I was following Dunedin on SM, and the net, I moved back to Dunedin not being bias. I was very curious about how those running for council could improve the city I was born in and not long returned to after being away 28 years. I reviewed what they all said they could do for Dunedin I started to ask questions on what they said they could do. Cull very quickly started to become 'all that and a bag of chips' I asked questions and got the PC /warm and fuzzy answers for some things but anything too hard I never heard back. Cull was putting out on SM what he could do (one pagers) that were flawed, it soon became apparent that Cull was just a show boat and a puppet being controlled by the Greens and later the CEO and , that he was out of his depth. Dunedin is in a bad state with its drains, power poles, roading, employment, stolen cars, all swept under the carpet, the clown put all his eggs in the gaga town for jobs, hello all of NZ is getting fast internet. I felt that bad how Dunedin was being run, I left.

Post Script to earlier comment:
Don't let false information on DCC's Webiste fool you. They've claimed the glory but it was Carmen Houlahan who was instrumental in getting an article published in The Star on 29/09/16 which resulted in three dangerous intersections in Green Island being replaced with roundabouts. She's a great lady who did really well and deserves our support in the future.

Don't Dave just don't, your next move should be stepping into the sunset never to be heard from again in an official capacity.

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