Sustainability survey

Dunedin businesses are being canvassed about their commitment to sustainability.

The Dunedin City Council has sent letters to businesses, inviting them to take part in a survey to ‘‘document and evaluate’’ their sustainability commitments.

Those surveyed would not be penalised for their answers, the letter said.

Council procurement manager Serge Kolman said the council had set a target for Dunedin to be net carbon zero by 2030, and the way it procured goods and services in the future would be a ‘‘key mechanism’’ in helping it achieve that.

‘‘By carrying out this survey, we hope to get a clearer understanding of what environmental and sustainability policies and practices our key suppliers already have in place.

‘‘From there, we can work in partnership with them towards achieving the 2030 target.’’

There were no costs for the survey other than staff time, he said.

‘‘We have already received a number of responses in reply to our ‘heads up’ email indicating they will respond and we will also check in with them all once the survey has been sent out,’’ Mr Kolman said.


Good initiative.