Dunedin fastest broadband city

Dunedin City has the highest broadband speed in the country thanks to winning the gigatown competition.

A Commerce Commission topic paper, released today, provided background on broadband testing in New Zealand.

The Chorus data used showed Dunedin had an average connection speed of 265Mbps, significantly higher than other areas.

The next highest average connection speed was in North Shore City at 81Mbps. 

The lowest average speed was 19Mbps in the Waimate, Central Hawkes Bay and Otorohanga districts. Other more rural areas had average speeds of about 21Mbps to 25Mbps.

The average connection speeds were measured on the Chorus network only. In areas where Chorus was not the wholesale fibre provider, such as Christchurch where Enable was the fibre provider, the commission said average speeds might be higher than shown as Enable's fibre connections were not included in Chorus' average.

On average, connection speeds more than doubled between 2015 and 2017. Some areas, like Wellington City, trebled their average connection speed in two years. 

The commission's enhanced broadband testing programme provided by SamKnows would test up to 3000 test probes around the country.

The testing should allow for a  more detailed picture of broadband performance in New Zealand than previous testing regimes, the commission said.

SamKnows runs testing in more than 40 countries on behalf of telecommunications regulators and retail service providers. Collectively, SamKnows testing programmes covered nearly half of the world's internet population.

SamKnows expected to start reporting on New Zealand broadband performance testing from October this year.


It looks like Culls Golden ticket of Fast internet still remains - how long for? who will get to the same speed?, I guess it gives Cull a bit of time to sort, allow and encourage other businesses to setup in Dunedin other than IT rather than not allowing the, before his golden ticket turns to fools gold. Cull Dunedin needs another stream of employment one that brings other follow on business. Come on earn your knight hood

Even the good news stories get the doomsday , ant-Cull spin from you don't they.