Enrolments give schools confidence

Rick Geerlofs.
Rick Geerlofs.
Kaikorai Valley College is expecting this year's intake of pupils to be the largest the school has seen in more than a decade.

Principal Rick Geerlofs said the school's year 7 roll was the largest it had been and the year 9 intake was up 25%.

''We've got over 100 new pupils coming into the school. That's the largest intake since 2008.

''I'm absolutely thrilled about it. It's wonderful to see the community's confidence in the school.

''We're really encouraged by the lift in numbers from our contributing schools.

''We think it's a vote of confidence.''

He expected enrolments to continue until school started againnext month.

''Traditionally, we generally receive more enrolments over the holiday period, right up to the starting date.''

Taieri College principal David Hunter said a boom in the Taieri population had also resulted in a major boost to his intake

this year.

''We're expecting one of our largest intakes at year 7.

''I think there's just more children around. The population of the Taieri is growing. I can't think of any other reason why this would be happening.

''For the first time that I can remember, we're pretty much full now. We can't take anyone at year 7 who is out of zone.''

As a result of the growth, Mr Hunter said the school was employing another teacher and creating another class at year 7, and he expected an extra 30 pupils at year 9.

Bayfield High School principal Judith Forbes also reported an increase in year 9 enrolments for this year.

She said the school would create an extra class to cope with the influx.

''The roll just keeps growing. We're blown away.

''Things are looking very good for the school.''

John McGlashan College and Queen's High School expected their intakes to increase slightly on previous years, and the remaining Dunedin secondary schools said their intakes would remain similar.

The stability of the intakes bodes well for Dunedin's declining secondary school rolls.

They had dropped from 7621 in 2008 to 6773 last year. But with primary school rolls increasing from 5105 in 2008 to 5880 last year, it may slow the overall decline in secondary rolls, if not turn them around this year.



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