'Fantastic' grant of $3000 to help install seats at Sunnyvale

The $3000 approved by the Saddle Hill Community Board on Thursday for the installation of former Carisbrook seats at Sunnyvale Sports Centre was ''superb'', centre upgrade working party member Rick Johnston said.

Sports centre work in home stretch

Mr Johnston said the cost to install about 200 blue plastic Carisbrook seats on the terraces, in the front of the changing room, was about $9000.

The community board money was ''fantastic'' and would ensure the project would proceed.

A view overlooking Sunnyvale Park could be seen from the seats, he said.

''The plan is to concrete them in there so people can sit and watch sport.''

The working party was contacting businesses in the district to provide services to help install the seats, such as concreting and excavation work.

Carisbrook Rotary Project committee member Lindsay Thorburn said Rotary had given the seats to the working party.

The seats were salvaged from the terraces below the scoreboard at Carisbrook and were the final items from the project, Mr Thorburn said.

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