Fewer cheats dealt with

The number of University of Otago students dealt with for alleged dishonest practices plunged 42% last year.

Academic disciplinary reports show 42 students were dealt with for dishonest practices last year, down from 72 in 2013.

The majority of cases involved plagiarism and 28 students lost marks, were required to resubmit assignments or failed assignments for plagiarism.

Six students were caught cheating in examinations, five were warned for their practices and faced no further penalty, two were found to be innocent of dishonest conduct and one student received a 10% reduction in marks for attribution issues in an internal assessment.

Students taking humanities courses accounted for 16 cases (including one where no wrongdoing was found), science students 11 cases, health sciences 10 and commerce five.

In one case, a computer science student submitted an assignment written by another student.

A marine science student submitted an assignment which contained the demonstrator's answer sheet, and a dentistry student submitted an assignment which was a direct copy of another student's assignment from the previous year.

About 18,500 equivalent full-time students studied at the university last year.

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