First Great Write Inn writers’ event to be at Olveston

The Great Write Inn is to be held at Olveston on October 16 and 17. Photo: ODT files
The Great Write Inn is to be held at Olveston on October 16 and 17. Photo: ODT files
Olveston Historic Home has been chosen as the inaugural setting for a new writers’ event in Dunedin.

The Great Write Inn, to be held on October 16 and 17, is a story-telling showcase to help writers and readers connect.

Festival director Julia Anne said The Great Write Inn was designed to be creatively inspiring for writers, particularly if they were new to writing and did not want to put it off any longer.

“We’re writers too, so we’ve put together a programme that shares our passion and knowledge of crafting great stories.

"But because everyone loves short cuts, we help wannabe authors navigate the seven key steps in the publishing journey.

"We make it quick, fun and easy, to go from being an unpublished writer to a published author and get a lifelong goal ticked off the bucket list.”

All events start by plunging authors into the Writer’s Matrix to reinvigorate their creative thinking.

Writers spend a whole morning in an "exotic, exquisite location’’ where they explore and choose a room, create at least one character and plot to involve an object in a new short story.

The location of the first Writer’s Matrix is Olveston Historic Home, but there are plans to take the event to other places of historical interest, such as a train, cathedral or village.

The showcase will be able to go ahead safely at Level 2.

In a bid to keep stories about Dunedin circulating internationally, selected stories produced as a result of the event will be edited and published in a new story collection, called One Home, Many Stories.

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