First look: Scaffolding removed from Sheeran mural

The finishing touches have been completed on Dunedin's controversial Ed Sheeran mural and videographer Craig Baxter captured it on film after the scaffolding was removed this morning.

A steady stream of passers-by have been taking pictures with the freshly completed mural, which has prompted intense debate since it was announced last week.

Artist Tyler Kennedy Stent completed the mural in Bath St yesterday while being filmed by Hayden Parsons, of Enterprise Dunedin.

Despite receiving criticism of the $8350 ratepayer-funded artwork at the weekend, Stent said most of the feedback had been positive.

People from surrounding businesses had been ``fantastic'' and very supportive, and Stent said residents seemed to be getting used to the idea of ``street art that happens to be Ed Sheeran''. 

Reporter Elena McPhee asked  people on the streets of Dunedin: 1) Whether they had seen the mural. 2) What they thought of it. 3) Whether their opinion on it had changed.

Neill Thwaite
Neill Thwaite
Neill Thwaite (55), New South Wales 

1. I didn’t even notice it.
2.  I don’t know that it’s the right spot for it, but it looks all right.
3. No opinion.






Martin Suttie
Martin Suttie
Martin Suttie (34), Dunedin

1. Yes, I see it all the time.
2.I think it’s cool. I’ve got no problem with it at all. It just adds to the other murals that are around here.
3. I’ve always thought it was fine.






Heather Baser
Heather Baser
Heather Baser (81), Dunedin

1. I hadn’t seen it [until today].
2. It’s a work of art, it’s clever. It’s good the way Dunedin’s getting all these artworks, it’s amazing.
3. No opinion.






Sarndra Forbes
Sarndra Forbes
Sarndra Forbes, Dunedin

1. I came down the street to see it.
2. I love street art. I love how he’s just got all that colour, I think we are very fortunate.
3. It’s even better than what I thought it would be.






Sarah Connolly
Sarah Connolly
Sarah Connolly (47) Dunedin

1. I did come down here to see it.
2. I suppose I feel a bit embarrassed that a city would pay money to put up a picture of a singer who doesn’t have any connection to the city. Then again, I think it’s a really nice job that [the artist] has done.
3. No opinion.




I like it. Even if you didn't know who it was, it is still a nice mural. Colourful. It fits in with the rest of Dunedin's street art. I say we keep it.

The more art in the streets the better. I'm way up north but looking forward to visiting Dunedin in June and will check this one out.

The Art looks great and a credit to the Artist. however it is how the DCC keeps putting things like this out there and doesn't care how people think other things are more important, along with how the Cull and the DCC never really front to provide answers publicly to the people. It keeps on happening and needs to stop.



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