Fonterra reviewing Mosgiel operation

Proposed changes to operations at Fonterra’s Mosgiel distribution centre in Dukes Rd, were shared with staff during a formal meeting at the centre yesterday.

The company is proposing a different operating model that could make the centre run more efficiently.

Fonterra distribution centres general manager Deena Clarkson said it was still very early in the company’s consultation process and it was working to gain feedback from the Mosgiel team.

"We have not made a final decision, and will not do so until this process is completed later in February."

She said it was far too early to talk of any possible redundancies, and redeployment elsewhere in the company was always the preferred option for Fonterra.

Last month, Fonterra said proposed noise restrictions under the second generation Dunedin city district plan (2GP) could stop it from making its Mosgiel distribution centre a 24-hour operation.

A Fonterra spokeswoman told the Otago Daily Times there was no firm proposal to move to 24-hour operations, but if a noise control area was provided for the Mosgiel site, it would make it consistent with its other sites around the country and Fonterra would have the option of making better use of the site by spreading operating hours throughout the day.

She said the proposed change would not require more staff, and any changes would be concerned with better utilisation of the site.

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