Four Dunedin Post Shops closing; one replacement confirmed

The NZ Post shop in South Dunedin. Photo: ODT files
The NZ Post shop in South Dunedin. Photo: ODT files
The planned closure of four NZ Post shops in Dunedin and Mosgiel has been confirmed and will begin next month.

Closures will take place at the Moray Pl store on March 26, South Dunedin on March 28, Dunedin North on April 10 and Mosgiel on June 19.

NZ Post announced in June last year it was looking for businesses to partner with to provide postal services on the company's behalf.

A spokeswoman said working with local businesses and agencies would help NZ Post meet its obligations to operate a network of 880 postal outlets.

"We already successfully deliver postal services through around 800 local businesses and agencies as a way of operating as a commercially sustainable business.''

She said NZ Post would exit the Moray Pl site it shares with Kiwibank on March 26 and its new partner, Night 'n Day (Octagon), was already operational.

The Kiwibank branch will remain in Moray Pl.

"It is anticipated that our South Dunedin NZ Post site will be closing around March 28, Dunedin North around April 10, and Mosgiel around June 19.

"We are currently working with potential partners in these areas. However, contracts have not yet been completed.''

She said NZ Post would make an announcement when the new sites had been found.

"This model works well for us, and for the businesses we work with, which generally benefit from increased foot traffic ... It's also good news for our customers, who often enjoy longer opening hours and more convenient locations.

"While we acknowledge this will be a change, we'd like to reassure our customers that postal services will continue to be provided in these areas.''


Looking for 'partners' since June last year and don't have them. Why don't they get the contracts Before closing the postshops?

So, there will be no post offices left in Dunedin or Mosgiel. Seriously? First the post delivery days get reduced, then the post goes to Chch to get sorted, then the suburban postboxes are taken away and now the post offices close. Meanwhile the cost of stamps keeps climbing sharply. What is the business that NZ Post is in again? It appears to be specialising in removing all signs of a postal service. And why close the post shops before finding partners to put what's left of them in?