Ex-vacuum cleaner salesman: I'm famous - suck it up

Pax Assadi
Pax Assadi
Could you briefly describe your show?

An hour of real-life stories based on my life. Being a dad, being a husband, being the son of refugee parents, being famous but only in neighbourhoods where brown people live, I talk about it all. I also make fun of white people a lot.

Why should people come to your show?

Because I consider myself someone who takes my craft very seriously and I'm good at what I do. Also you're contributing to my mortgage, so yeah, that would be great.

You've talked about selling vacuum cleaners in your dad's shop as a kid. Could you describe your up-selling technique? I never up-sold anyone. I was an honest salesperson who only gave the customer exactly what they needed based on their circumstance. Like a $2500 vacuum cleaner ... completely ... reasonable.

What was the reaction of your parents to you pursuing comedy?

My mother cried.

Can you think of a time you used comedy to get yourself out of a bad situation?

I've got out of speeding tickets multiple times because the cop has recognised me from 7 Days. Yeah, I'm famous, so what, big deal ... stop going on about it.

Assadi will perform ``Brown Famous'' at 8pm tonight and tomorrow at the New Athenaeum Theatre.

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