Politics as adult entertainment

Guy Williams (30), Auckland, ‘‘I Wanna Hear What I Have to Say’’

Could you briefly describe your show?

I've been describing my show as ``60 minutes of pure adult entertainment''. For some reason, this slogan has been attracting the wrong audience. This year I want to do a political show, (stay with me, here's the catch) that doesn't suck. I know that sounds impossible, but I'll give it a good shake.

Why should people come to your show?

Best case scenario: it will be a great night. Worst case scenario: it's something to fill in the time before we die.

On one visit to Queenstown you met our reporter there, who is also named Guy Williams. Could you list a few of the ways in which you are superior to him?

I feel like you're baiting me into making a hair joke and I won't do it! I love that in New Zealand media there's two Guy Williams. I can't tell which confusion would be funnier: if they watch my stuff and think 'That ODT journalist has lost the plot', or if they see his byline on a crime story and think that the comedy isn't working out so I've decided to switch to serious investigative reporting.

There are comedians less well-known than you who have managers at Fringe, but you don't seem to. Is this because you are A) a control freak, or B) a grass-roots man of the people? Explain.

New Zealand comedians don't normally have managers - you can't split zero dollars two ways. If someone has listed a manager, they've probably just written their mum's name on there to seem flash.

What will you be doing in Dunedin when not performing?

I'm going to film some Jono and Ben segments! I don't smoke but I really want to visit the cannabis museum. It's a shame the ``9D Ex-Stream'' cinema closed down, I feel like that would have been the perfect complement.

 • Williams performs ``I Wanna Hear What I Have to Say'' at 8pm at the Globe Theatre from today until Saturday.

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