Geotech issues leave parking plans up in air

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Latest design proposal of Dunedin's new hospital. Image: Warren and Mahoney Architects
The new Dunedin hospital will probably need about 250 vehicle parks, but where they will be sited is unclear.

Project chairman Pete Hodgson said yesterday parking under the main building on the former Cadbury site — a strategy favoured in a 2019 document — was now looking less likely because of geotechnical conditions.

"It’s more likely we will have to have an above-ground solution," he said.

"The issue of what form the car parks take hasn’t yet been finalised.

"It probably won’t be for quite a while."

Solutions might include development of a car parking building, making use of nearby land, or striking an agreement with a commercial partner.

The figure of 250 car parks was used in a preliminary site master plan last year, but Mr Hodgson labelled the number an "indication".

Parking details did not need to be finalised during early phases of the project.

The development was proceeding in a logical way, he said.

Some elements had been settled, such as that there would be 20 operating theatres, 30 beds in the intensive care unit and high-dependency unit and 53 beds in the emergency department.

A detailed business plan for the hospital is expected to go before the Cabinet before September’s election.

Mr Hodgson said a factor to consider was that travel and parking habits could be much different in 60 or 80 years.

Autonomous cars would likely result in a reduced need to supply parking, he said.

However, the hospital would need to ensure there was sufficient parking, and that included the future soon after its opening.

"We also have to be mindful of public transport and people biking and walking.

"An increasing number of staff may use other forms of transport as the decades go by, but there will be some need for cars and parking."

Family of patients may travel from outside the city to visit, access needed to be suitable for ambulances and arrangements had to be appropriate for shift workers.

Mr Hodgson has previously said the facility would be subject to design changes almost until its opening.

It is expected to be completed about 2028.


Lol... best not we plan our carparking around autonomous cars quite yet., despite what the loonie left may want. What a shambles leaving parking to the 11th hour.

"Mr Hodgson said a factor to consider was that travel and parking habits could be much different in 60 or 80 years. Autonomous cars would likely result in a reduced need to supply parking."
Made me think of The Jetsons cartoon from the 70's with the introduction song Meet George Jetson... and his boy Elroy. Daughter Judy.... Jane, his wife.
(you can see it here. if you don't know it)
Then the other great futuristic prediction for the NZ coastline in 30 years, popped up. ( This map shows the coastline by then lapping the one-way system.
I guess that makes plan D, for the Stadium will be a marina and South Dunedin a seabird sanctuary.
Leave the carpark under the building but not underground.
Lift the building and build pedestrian/cycle access to the CBD over the one-way system.
Then when the sea level rises, we can get to the hospital in our autonomous piloted, electric boats!!!
In the meantime, it will be something we can REALISTICALLY use.

And the circus of uselessness continues. Any local would know that land is rubbish.
Just yet another Labour govt fail, albeit an expensive one.
Reduction in height, differing foundations, don't know what to do about a carpark.
What planet are these expensive seat fillers from?

Why would autonomous cars reduce parking needs? Does he think they will all just drive around the hospital in circles waiting for their owners to return? Or maybe they will all return home? Can you imagine the congestion with all those vehicles driving around with nobody in them? That's what buses are for isn't it?
I am also a bit concerned that he is talking about 60 to 80 years time. Just how long will this new hospital build take?

Geotechnical issues - how convenient, but why only for cars, Peoples lives matter too !! if car parks are a no then so should the hospital . Move that Hospital!! . How the heck can the hospital still go ahead but no car parks. Sounds like a scam to me. Scrap the current plan and move the Hospital.