Crampton steps down as medical school head

Peter Crampton.
Peter Crampton.
Peter Crampton is stepping down as head of Otago Medical School next year.

A popular and well-regarded academic leader, Prof Crampton will stay at the University of Otago as a researcher and teacher after retiring as health sciences pro-vice-chancellor and Otago Medical School dean.

His resignation will take effect in the middle of next year.

He was pleased with the division's achievements during his seven years at the helm.

''There's never been a job in my life with those sorts of opportunities. Working with fantastic people, fantastic teams.''

Especially pleasing was the increased number of Maori and Pacific Island medical students, he said.

Last year, 45 Maori medical students graduated, but there was still work to do on that front.

Two important faculty buildings were under construction on the Dunedin campus - the new dental school and a research support facility.

He was looking forward to the start of a new health sciences bachelor degree to offered from next year.

Turnover at the senior level was a good thing.

''What's the optimal length of time for someone in the roles that I have? In my view, five to eight years is about right.''

In some areas the university had struggled with declining student numbers, but the medical school has been growing because of increased funding for medical school places.

''Those are very good challenges to be faced with.''

Prof Crampton moved to Dunedin in 2011 from the university's Wellington campus.

His academic specialty is public health, and he had done little teaching or research in recent years.

''I really look forward to the opportunity to get back into some of those activities.''

The search for Prof Crampton's replacement would begin soon, the university said.


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