Inside or outside weather this Christmas?

Ben Hawke
Ben Hawke
The last couple days have been really meh. The sort of meh that we usually have all December. The sort of weather where you get up, look outside and just sigh.

Dreary weather that would make anyone think that our weather was feeling left out of everything, what with the immense amounts of snow just chilling in the northern hemisphere right now.

And don't even get me started on the sheer misuse of snow up there! People in Canada get used to waking up, seeing a few inches of snow on the ground and then going along with their day! I was at the mall yesterday doing Christmas shopping and every time I went outside it felt like some mean as southerly was preparing to drop serious snow or something. At least it would have been "cool" if it snowed but no! The summer solstice is literally the day this releases!! Anyway, rant over.

Alright, Last Saturday was average so who cares about Saturday (unless your birthday was on Saturday - then it was interesting. Happy Birthday to you if you were born on the 16th of December! Wait, do you get fewer presents if you're born that close to Christmas? message me with an answer.)

Sunday was meant to be interesting but it really wasn't. Forty millimetres were meant to fall between 11am and 11pm so I was all pumped, I was showing off to my family at our annual Christmas brunch, and then we only got 10 ml (It was also kinda warm... 22c.)

Monday wasn't very eventful but did have a peak wind gust of 42kmh so congrats brother.

Tuesday was crazy man, our windspeeds were higher than they should have been, it was actually really cool though, some branches came off trees in different parts of Dunedin and Alexandra and a tree in my backyard was reaching its breaking point. The roof starting lifting a little bit at the memorial stadium so I ran down, hoping to photograph the firefighters at work doing a relatively minor job because I wouldn't want to get in the way when they're fighting a fire. I got some cool photos and put one on my page.

Wednesday was slightly windy and Thursday was quite rainy in the morning and plain dismal later in the day.

Christmas is coming up boys and girls and you, yes you, need to know whether you're gonna have a barbecue or a northern hemisphere sort of meal, are you gonna eat outside or in? Where are you gonna have your nana-nap after the fact? Well, I have all that and more to tell... After the break... *pharmaceutical advertisements play* Alright, we're back with 12? 13-year-old news!

22/12/17: Summer Solstice, Morning and evening cloud, Mosgiel 21, City: 19, Day Length - 16:52
23/12/17: Isolated Showers, some cloud, Mosgiel 24, City 24
24/12/17: Fine, high cloud
25/12/17: Christmas will be relatively warm, with a high of 26. Rain later in the evening.

Too far out to be sure:
26/12/17: Rain, 16
27/12/17: Showers, Southwesterlies, 17
28/12/17: Partly cloudy, 18
29/12/17: Cloudy, 22
30/12/17: Partly cloudy, 25

Thanks for reading, have a great Christmas!

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