Weather, but by a 13-year-old: Oct 20

Mosgiel weather forecaster Ben Hawke (13), who has a loyal following for his daily forecasts....
Mosgiel weather forecaster Ben Hawke (13), who has a loyal following for his daily forecasts. Photo: ODT
This week has been very variable, as spring is. We've had Thunderstorms, southerlies, showers and now, 26degC plus as of 3 pm yesterday.

First off, let's talk about the Thunderstorms. It was pretty standard, we saw about 10mm of rain and some thick hail in isolated areas.

There was also a little bit of wind but that was mostly toward the end when the southwesterly was starting to take effect.

Some people reported lightning strikes in the Roslyn/Halfway Bush areas.

There wasn't a strike in the Dunedin city but there was one off St Clair and two in the Waitati/Mt Alan area.

A lightning strike was attended by Mosgiel Fire Service in the Mt Alan Forest.

A few power outages were reported and there was some loud thunder but in all, it wasn't a significant storm.

"So what else happened this week internet sensation Weather by a Thirteen-year-old?"

We um... had some gusty south-westerlies and rain for most of the week with some especially heavy showers that resembled the way snow comes in (you know, when it's cold enough.)

It wasn't too bad but the windchill could have been described as a little bit bitter.

Thursday was rather balmy with a high of 26degC out on the Taieri with the city reaching around 21degC. All it is is some warm air from Australia that we should hopefully see more of as Summer progresses.

This weather, however, is unusually hot for October.


The weekend is starkly different with highs doubling back to around 15degC. Saturday starts with a period of rain, easing to showers and fine spells by afternoon. Sunday only has a few showers with a clear afternoon. The same pattern ensues throughout the week.


Extratropical storm Ophelia hit Ireland, killing 3 and causing thousands in damage.

The death toll in the California wildfires has hit 40 with billions in damage to home and property after 5700 businesses and homes were destroyed.

Puerto Rican aid has been cut back, forcing hundreds to drink polluted water.

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