Major Ross Creek work planned

Tom Osborn
Tom Osborn
A major year-long project to repair Dunedin's Ross Creek Reservoir is expected to begin in October.

The reservoir is to receive a multimillion-dollar restoration, including reconstruction of its earth dam, to make it a functional reservoir again.

The work is part of a Dunedin City Council project to ensure there is a a back-up water supply for the city in an emergency.

Council water and waste services asset and commercial manager Tom Osborn said an application for a building consent for the dam work was lodged with the Otago Regional Council and, subject to that being approved, tenders were being sought for the work.

The work included construction of new buttresses at one end of the dam, widening its crest, strengthening it to deal with earthquakes and floods, modifying the spillway chute so it could discharge more water and closing old off-takes and building new ones, as well as various minor repairs and maintenance.

Once the consent was in and the tender awarded, the council planned to put up an information board at the site to show the public the design, contractors and what the finished works would look like. The dam earthworks were estimated to cost about $2.2 million.

At the same time, a new pump station would be built in the old water treatment plant buildings at Ross Creek, as well as a new pipeline from the reservoir to Mt Grand, he said.


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