Man jailed after home ransacked

A couple arrived home from holiday to find a concrete statue had been thrown through their glass door, their pot plants on the roof and jewellery in the garden.

Nicholas Keith Trethewey, 29, appeared in the Dunedin District Court yesterday and was sentenced to 23 months’ imprisonment after admitting five charges, including two burglaries.

The court heard on January 4 last year, the defendant and an unknown number of associates broke into a Dunedin home by throwing a concrete statue through a glass patio door.

Once inside, Trethewey drank the occupants' wine and ate their food.

He threw clothing and pot plants on to the roof, damaging the tin and smashing the pots.

The property was found completely ransacked. Items were left strewn across the floor, jewellery was found in the garden, and a family photo album was destroyed.

The victims returned from holiday to discover about $10,000 worth of damage had been caused to the property.

"It felt like our entire house had been sifted through. We felt violated", one victim said.

Trethewey told police he did not remember the offending and offered the excuse he "must’ve been drugged at the time".

A few months prior, the defendant and a co-defendant Tamakaimoana Hune smashed the glass front door of 1 Stop Discounter, stole multiple grocery items and left.

Less than a week later, with a suitcase the pair returned to the store wearing masks and gloves.

They smashed a pane of the glass front door and forced it open, damaging the deadbolt and hinges. They filled the suitcase with $2000 worth of goods, including vape products, lighters, food and drink.

"We now know how unpredictable people can be", the uninsured shop owner said.

The court heard the man had no criminal history and experienced psychotic episodes for which he was receiving treatment. , PIJF court reporter