Man made to clean up after throwing beer cans at park

A man who threw his empty beer cans into the picnic area at a Mosgiel park then drove away was carted back by police to clean up the mess he left behind.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond, of Dunedin, said police were called to the Puddle Alley Reserve carpark at 4pm on Saturday after reports of a man drinking cans of beer in his car and throwing his empties at the picnic area where families were trying to enjoy an afternoon meal.

The man had driven off by the time police arrived but they located the 33-year-old man at a nearby address.

When police caught up with the man, he underwent breath testing procedures and recorded a breath alcohol level of 600mcg. The legal limit is 250mcg. 

Mosgiel police then drove the man back to Puddle Alley Reserve and got him to clean up the mess of beer cans he had left sitting in the picnic area.

The man received court summons for driving under the influence of alcohol.