Mass singing event

Sweet Adelines women's barbershop singers perform a "massed sing" item in the Octagon, Dunedin, yesterday evening during the latest Sweet Adelines International Regional Convention.

Regional convention chairwoman Clare Pascoe, of Dunedin, said 430 people had registered to take part in the competition event, which was billed as "the best of Sweet Adelines New Zealand women's barbershop".

The New Zealand organisation has about 700 members in 15 choruses who sing and perform a cappella four-part harmony music, barbershop style.

"A cappella" refers to chapel-like singing unaccompanied by musical instruments.

As in April 2017, Dunedin was again hosting the New Zealand women's barbershop National Competition and Convention, Mrs Pascoe said.


The event was running well, and participants were enjoying their chance to sing in a "unique type of harmony".

Key events yesterday were the quartet competition at the Dunedin Town Hall and a "massed sing" in the Octagon, including members of the Dunedin Harmony Chorus.

The "Autumn A Cappella" event continues at the Dunedin Town Hall at noon today. 



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