Men's exercise class beneficial

Taking part in a men’s exercise class are (from left) Gregor Morgan (77), Ean Leyden (89), Eli...
Taking part in a men’s exercise class are (from left) Gregor Morgan (77), Ean Leyden (89), Eli Gray Smith (91), Chris Lovell-Smith (75), Arnold Cane (75) and John Perry (78). PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

A Dunedin man is helping other men improve their strength and balance through weekly exercise classes.

Co-ordinator Matthew Smith runs the hour-long classes through Age Concern every Thursday afternoon and focuses on improving posture, balance, co-ordination and strength.

The men, who range in age from 59 to 91, use a chair as a prop for support because it is "familiar''.

About 11 men usually attend the classes, which have been running since April.

Mr Smith started the group after noticing the lack of men taking part in movement-based exercise groups and wanted to create a space where they would feel comfortable.

He gives them tips and feedback through the sessions.

Arnold Cane (75) said the class does not ``wind back the clock but it just stops me from tripping up too much''.

"A walk around the block used to take 30 minutes . . . and since doing this group . . . I can do it in 20 minutes.''

John Perry (78) also does the Age Concern Steady As You Go and Tai Chi classes and noticed that when he missed a class, it took him about a week to get back to where he was.

"This class uses different movements to the other classes.''

He said it helped improve using his feet and his balance.


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